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Simple Christmas Decor for Busy People

Simple Christmas Decor for Busy People

So this year our house is under renovation. My husband and I seem to have started this new tradition where we either move or do renovations over the holiday months….We are making do but I need quick, easy decor that does not require a lot of time, effort or space.

Below I cover three solutions that I have been using on repeat!

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1. Candle in a Wreath

Find a cute cheap wreath at somewhere like Home Goods or Hobby Lobby-they are almost always good for it. Then find a nice candle that smells great and goes with the colors of the wreath you chose. Stick the wreath on a table with the candle in the middle and voila-you just made a beautiful centerpiece!

Ornament Vase_MS.jpg

2. Fill a Vase with Ornaments

This is one that I know a lot of people use, but it is just so darn easy and looks so good! Find a vase, you pry have one lying around somewhere already, and fill it with some ornaments. You can buy a cheap tube of ornaments from a drug-store or just use some you already have. Fill the vase with ornaments and place it anywhere that needs some holiday cheer. Tip: Use ornaments of different sizes, smaller ornaments will help fill the spaces between the bigger ornaments. You can also use evergreen clippings for filler as well.

Ornament Entryway.jpg

3. Hang Ornaments in Unexpected Places

Ornaments look great on a tree but you can hang them pretty much anywhere. If you have a stairway try placing them in various lengths on the railing. My current home is a ranch so no railings. Instead I like to place some in the ceiling entry way leading from the living room to the kitchen. I use thumbtacks and colored ribbon to attach them. Just be careful not to hang them too low and at head height. I’ve found it works best to group them to the sides like I have done in the picture above.

Hopefully these quick and easy decor ideas will give you some inspiration and help ease your holiday to-do list. They have been life-savers for me!

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