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I Got a Sansevieria and Now I Really Want More Plants

I Got a Sansevieria and Now I Really Want More Plants

With Spring under way I am all about opening those windows and letting some natural sunlight in! There is nothing I love more than a warm day with a cool breeze. In my opinion few things are better than a beautiful spring day with the sun high, plants in bloom and all things fresh and green. Which has led me to my latest venture-house plants.

I’ll be the first to admit I have no green thumb, I lack the patience, knowledge and routine required of keeping most plants alive. But I love them-none the less. So this year I decided I was going to try it and for my birthday I received a Sansevieria plant. It is a rather low maintenance plant-which I need and so far it is going good.

All this has lead me to today’s topic on plants: the easy and the pet friendly. Read on to learn what I recently discovered!




First up is my personal fav-the Sansevieria also known as the Snake Plant and the Mother-in-Law’s Tongue-which is how I remember it being called as a kid. It is low-key and sturdy. It does well in sunlight and in shade (but does best in indirect light). It also adds a great architectural upward feature. I have mine in my living room and it adds some much needed height to an otherwise blank wall.


Aloe Plant

Second is the Aloe plant. We always had one as a kid growing up and my mom would use it whenever we had sunburns or got burnt in the kitchen. I now consider it a part of my first-aid. I had one for awhile but gave it away when we moved. It is a succulent and while my past luck with succulents has always ended poorly-the aloe plant seems to be of a sturdier stock. It requires little watering (which is great if you forget) and needs direct sunlight. So just prop that baby up in front of a window and watch it go!


Spider Plant

Third is the Spider Plant. My sister has one of these and it is MASSIVE! It’s so wild my inner boho loves it! They are nearly impossible to kill and grow rapidly. So if you’re looking for something were you can see the fruits of your labor quickly, I’d suggest this playful plant.


If you are an animal lover like me then you know what it is like to have dog noses in EVERYTHING. We have also had to make the transition of moving our Sansevieria off the ground. (We have a basset that loves to dig…) While we wanted to add some plant life we also wanted it to be safe for our dogs, because as any pet owner knows-at some point it will likely get nibbled.

The previously mentioned Sansevieria plant and Spider Plant are safe for animals as well, as are these others listed below.


Australian Sword Fern

This fern will not only keep your air clean but is also safe for your pets. These ferns are also a little bit tougher than other ferns and can withstand lots of heat and direct sunlight. They are also just fun-creating lots of great movement and shapes.e


Majestic Palm

The Majestic Palm is great for anyone looking to add a more bohemian, tropical vibe to their space. This plant is big and bodacious while also being safe to animals. It does need to be watered regularly, routine misting helps as well. While this palm can grow to be big it will not outgrow its pot. So size up on planters if you want to go big!

With all my new found plant knowledge I have more excitement over spring this year than usual. I just hope I can keep my plant alive! Who knows maybe I’ll obtain a green thumb…or at least double my current number of house plants from one to two.

If you want to learn more about plants and discover what works best in your home-I suggest checking out they categorize their plants by difficulty level, size, pet friendliness, and if they are air purifiers! I love it so much I am referring them to you with no monetary kick back-that’s right, this is not an ad!


Sansevieria | Spider Plant | Aloe Plant | Australian Sword Fern | Majestic Palm

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