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Sharing My Design Updates as a First Time Airbnb Host

Sharing My Design Updates as a First Time Airbnb Host

My husband and I recently purchased a triplex in Omaha, NE. We are keeping one of the units as our own so we have a place to stay and live while here and then renting out the other two as Airbnbs. This is something we have never done before but are learning-wish us luck.

Our new brick Airbnb-complete with tulips in the front yard-My Fav!

I have been working on designing and furnishing all three units at the same time. It is exhausting and expensive-plus moving is hard. We are at a great location near a ton of great shops and restaurants that we can walk to (when it’s not snowing!).

While our unit has been coming along nicely. I have recently finished the smaller of the two airbnb units and am excited to share that with you! I used most of our existing furniture and decor in this unit and paired it with some newer items to give it a fresh look-without having to purchase everything new-money matters.

I wanted colors that would be bright and friendly from the moment you walk in the front door.

The space is essentially a studio with a door for the bedroom-so technically a one bedroom, but barely. Because the living room space was so small I knew I needed to pick small, yet efficient furniture that still looked great. Most Airbnb’ers pick a place based on looks-looks matter. I went with a colorful blue futon that was small enough to fit in the space, added character through its color and can convert to a bed if needed. I kept all the furniture white because it makes the space seem airy and bigger than it is. Too much large dark furniture and it would be like living in a cave!

View from the kitchen into the living room.

View from the kitchen into the living room.

View of the kitchen from the living room. I repeated the blue and yellow theme throughout.

The kitchen I really didn’t have to do much with, it was all renovated before we bought the place, so that was nice. I just added some color with the curtains and towels to help match the rest of the space and tie it all together.

View of the one-bedroom.

The bedroom can barely fit a queen bed but thankfully does, making it more desirable as an Airbnb. I again added some color and kept the furniture mostly white/light. You may recognize those curtains from my previous post on tiny kitchen updates. (Visit here). I added a small white desk as a sitting space either for working or putting on make-up.

Optional desk/vanity for guests.

Additionally, through out the house I added touches to help make the Airbnb more inviting and friendly. There is a sign in the living room with the wifi. Samples in the bathroom in case a guest forgot anything, and a reminder to refrain from using the backyard as our dogs live there.

Since I travel so much for work I can easily stock up on hotel samples and throw them in a jar for any guests who may have forgotten anything.

Extras like the ability to make a hot cup of coffee in the morning goes a long way!

All in all I am pleased with our first attempt-now to get renters! Wish us luck!

For more information on this Airbnb unit you can visit the listing directly by clicking HERE



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